Types of food that you can carry in your hand luggage

Airports and hotels

A growing number of travellers are opting for bringing their own snacks when they fly in order to avoid costly airplane food, especially when they must catch an international long-haul flight. With hours up in the air ahead, they better make sure they carry enough food so as to cover all their meals, but what snacks and foods are allowed on a plane and which are not?

Take into account that drinking water will not be an issue, as you can refill your water bottle or purchase one as soon as you clear security, and neither are some alcoholic drinks and other non solid products that you may buy at the Duty Free and take with you on the cabin (clearly identified on a separate sealed bag).

Therefore, what we want to clarify is which foods you can bring from home inside your carry on to pass them safely…

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Published by travellingwithchronicpain

Hi I'm 29 and love to travel. I am living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, pots and asthma which due to some of their lovely symptoms has left me currently with limited mobility and needing to use a wheelchair to get around. When planning a holiday there is so much more now that has to be researched: airline, airport, transfer, country, hotel and surrounding area. I am hoping to help and encourage others in a similar situation to mine to travel and get the most of your holiday.

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