Flying with WestJet: Hand Luggage

Each passenger flying with WestJet in a confirmed seat, is allowed one piece of carry-on baggage, and one personal item in total.

The carry-on item (A) must be within 21 inches (53cm) in length, by 15 inches (38cm) in width, and 9 inches (23cm) in depth. The personal item (B) must be within 16 inches (41cm) in length, by 13 inches (33cm) in width, and 6 inches (15cm) in depth.

Items must fit into the sizing device at check-in. Items which do not fit into the sizing device, or exceed WestJet’s carry-on allowance, will be placed in checked baggage, and applicable to baggage fees.

Once onboard the aircraft, your personal item should be stored under the seat, and your carry-on item should be stored in the overhead compartment.

The carry-on item must be light enough to allow you to place the item in the overhead compartment unaided. Assistance is available on request, if you are a person with special needs or a person with a disability, and require help placing items in the overhead compartment.

Direct link to WestJet baggage page

Published by travellingwithchronicpain

Hi I'm 29 and love to travel. I am living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, pots and asthma which due to some of their lovely symptoms has left me currently with limited mobility and needing to use a wheelchair to get around. When planning a holiday there is so much more now that has to be researched: airline, airport, transfer, country, hotel and surrounding area. I am hoping to help and encourage others in a similar situation to mine to travel and get the most of your holiday.

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