Newcastle Airport: Hidden Disabilities Passport

Queuing can be problematic for those of us with hidden disabilities. Newcastle Airport have produced a Hidden Disabilities Passport, which is essentially a form which gives us access to the security Fast Track facility. I have included at the bottom of the page a link to the form which you will need to fill out and bring with you on the day of travel.

Image of the Hidden Disabilities Passport taken from the Newcastle Airport website

The airport state on there website that they do not manage the queues at check in. They say it is at the discretion of the airline handling agents as to whether they will let you avoid the queue.

Once you have checked in, you need to make your way to the PRM assistance desk, located in between check in desk 32 and WH Smith. The staff at the desk will then validate your Hidden Disabilities Passport.

When you make your way to security, and reach the security boarding card check point, you need to show your validated Hidden Disabilities Passport to a member of staff to fast track the queue.

The airport say on there website that staff members are aware of varying disabilities and will conduct any searches as efficiently and sensitively as possible. You can request at any stage of the security process to be searched in one of the airports private search facilities. This comprises of 2 same sex security staff carrying out a hand search of yourself, and your mobility equipment until they are satisfied that no prohibited items are being carried.

Once through security there are quieter areas which you can use. This includes a dedicated PRM assistance area located behind the Dixons Travel store, as well as an assistance gate.

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