April in Budapest

April in Budapest

I know it’s not the first place that comes to mind when looking for accessible cities, but Budapest should definitely be added to your list.

7F259DDD-FDF7-4462-8714-7D25C9808526.jpegWe travelled with EasyJet from Gatwick Airport. I booked the hotel through Expedia and liaised with the hotel to get an adapted room.

Before arriving in Budapest I had prearranged airport transfers to our hotel. I would always recommend doing this, especially if booking city breaks yourself, this way you know the price and most importantly you can make sure the taxi can fit yourself, travel companions, luggage and most importantly your wheelchair all in one go.

We stayed at the Bo33 Hotel Family and Suites, in an adapted room. Lifts available to get too and from floors, each able to fit a wheelchair in plus your travel companion.

Tip: email the hotel direct to request an adapted room and any other requirements you may need.

AC6C1CB0-7CB2-43BA-B6DA-5964146D7D31Tip: take some Nespresso coffee pods with you, you get a few but if you are a coffee lover like my mother, it’s worth bringing extra of your favourite flavours.

27951519-2D26-42D6-BCCE-2ED873EECAC4.jpegMy wheelchair did fit through the door of the bathroom, this allowed for easier transfer to the loo and shower.

D5F31B53-5CB1-4DD5-B27E-BCB21265665AUnfortunately the breakfast room, located on the ground floor just past the reception desk is a little cramped for a wheelchair, not much space between tables. The staff were always extremely helpful, unfortunately the more wheelchair friendly tables were taken most mornings by other groups which cannot be helped. It would be great if the hotel reserved tables for wheelchair users, on the outside rows so that it’s easier to get to the tables, as well as to try and avoid being knocked in the back by other guests.

The hotel was excellent in giving us directions and arranging a taxis for us to get to some of the sights which were further away. Especially to the top of castle hill, which has great views at the top, normally you can use the funicular railway, I just wasn’t keen to try it with the wheelchair. If you don’t require a wheelchair to get around, local transport (tram, taxi, etc) is close by and easy to use to get to the sites.

Overall, I think Bo33 hotel family and suites is a really good priced hotel to use as a base in a good location. I loved staying in Budapest and would recommend the hotel and I hope to stay there again in the future.

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